Data Services

The Digital Scholarship Group partners with Boston College faculty, staff, and students endeavor to pursue quantitative and qualitative data-driven research questions. We facilitate, support, and consult on data acquisition, management, curation, and visualization as well as design and provide data-related class instruction and workshops.

Data Finding
We assist with identifying, locating, and acquiring the right kinds of data for your research and teaching by helping you define your dataset needs, find and evaluate sources, and choose the right data format.

Data Management
We help you prepare to work with your data and manage it over time by providing data management plan guidance (includes drafting DMP, reviewing the DMP, and assistance with the DMPTool), by helping you identify best practices, and by assisting with preserving and sharing your data long-term.

Data Visualization
We provide data visualization support at any stage of coursework, research, and teaching by consulting on and providing instruction on visualization techniques and tools, data cleaning and structuring, and visualization design principles.