DH Reading Group Schedule

The Digital Scholarship Group has finalized the reading schedule for the Spring 2018 Digital Humanities reading group. All the readings are freely available online at the 2016 Debates in the Digital Humanities site if you navigate to Contents at the top of the page. We will also have copies of the text for everyone at the first meeting.

January 16:
From the Intro, Histories, Futures section:
Introduction: Digital Humanities: The Expanded Field
What’s Next: The Radical, Unrealized Potential of Digital Humanities
Father Busa’s Female Punch Card Operatives

January 30:
Blunt Instrumentalism: On Tools and Methods
Digital Humanities Knowledge: Reflections on the Introductory Graduate Syllabus
Mid-Sized Digital Pedagogy

February 13:
My Old Sweethearts: On Digitization and the Future of the Print Record
Lessons on Public Humanities from the Civic Sphere
Argument, Evidence, and the Limits of Digital Literary Studies

February 27:
Digital History’s Perpetual Future Tense
Navigating the Global Digital Humanities: Insights from Black Feminism
Between Knowledge and Metaknowledge: Shifting Disciplinary Borders in Digital Humanities and Library and Information Studies

March 13:
Dropping the Digital
How Not to Teach Digital Humanities
Hold on Loosely, or Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft on the Web

March 27:
Text Analysis:
Do Digital Humanists Need to Understand Algorithms?
Humane Computation

If you’re interested in annotating the readings online, we’ve created a Hypothes.is group that you can join. No worries if you haven’t used Hypothes.is before—we can show you how!