Digital Scholarly Edition of The Court & Kitchin of Elizabeth (in progress)

In putting together an annotated digital scholarly edition of The Court & Kitchin of Elizabeth [1664], a text held by the Burns Library, we aim to accumulate skills for producing digital projects that we can pass on independently to future students and classes.  As an openly accessible resource not available in digitized form elsewhere, our edition of this text will complement other scholarly endeavors in the area of early modern recipes and food studies intended for researchers and students alike by showing the political, social, and uniquely satirical dimensions of one such cookbook. A link to the project will be provided upon its completion.

Collaborator(s): Andy Crow (Boston College), Deanna Malvesti Danforth (Boston College), Emma Atwood (University of Montevallo), Mary Crane (Boston College), Laura Sterrett (Boston College), Margaret Summerfield (Boston College)