First Annual Boston College Libraries’ Maker Contest

Who: Boston College undergraduate or graduate students

What: This contest challenges students to “bring history to life” by using digital tools to create multi-modal content that can be accessed online and featured on the Boston College Libraries’ Digital Studio multitouch table. The table is a large interactive display that enables multiple people to explore and interact with contact. Although the contest does not require development specifically for the table, students may create projects that may use the table in unique ways. This contest encourages students to consider the ways in which we might experience history through different mediums or formats, such as games, digital exhibits, visualizations, or media. We encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and team submissions.

Students are encouraged to create a project using any of these type of tools, methods, or applications, but are not limited to this list:

  • Physical computing (Computer-human interaction)
  • Digital exhibits
  • Gaming/VR
  • 3D images/models
  • Application development
  • Visualizations (e.g. mapping)
  • Digital art & media (music)

Proposal narrative: Submit a short abstract (max. 500 words) about your project that describes the goals and scope of the project, tools, methodology, statement of significance, project team, and any other relevant information. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis.

When: Completed projects must be submitted by May 15, 2019.

Prizes: A total of up to $500 in prizes will be awarded! Each winner will be featured on the Boston College Libraries’ website, social media, multitouch table, and digital displays. Contest winners’ work will also be archived.

Note: Submissions must be your original work (though they may include component materials by others for which you have permission or that you are excerpting under fair-use copyright terms).

Questions? Contact: Anna Kijas (anna.kijas at bc dot edu) or Sarah DeLorme (sarah.delorme at bc dot edu).