May 2018 Data Visualization Display @ O’Neill Library

During the month of May, the O’Neill Library digital display (by the POP collection) will showcase a selection of data visualizations created by Boston College faculty, students, and staff. This month we are also including the winning visualizations from the 9th annual GIS Mapping contest. Each source is linked to the original site (when available) where you can further explore the associated data, visualization, or literature.

Mapping Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales – Dr. Eric Weiskott (English Department) created a map tour, in MediaKron, of the frame narrative of the Canterbury Tales with his ENGL3393: Chaucer course.

Seamus Connolly Collection Network – Anna Kijas (Digital Scholarship Librarian) visualizes the relationships between the musicians in the Seamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music. The network graph was created in Gephi and rendered with the SigmaJS library.

Global Boston – Eras of Migration – Dr. Marilynn Johnson (History Department) highlights different periods in Boston’s immigration history in a timeline built with TimelineJS.

GIS Poster winners