The Boston College Libraries are pleased to announce our latest touch table exhibit, For Everything, There is a Season: Japanese Woodprints in the Ukiyo-e Style.

This exhibit, from the John J. Burns Library’s collection, features woodblock print art from the 17th-19th century Ukiyo-e period in Japanese art. This period focused on the “floating world”—”the emerging culture of pleasure, parties, and a preoccupation with the present moment”—of cultural elites, such as sumo wrestlers, kabuki actors, and courtesans (6). The chosen images depict a transition from abundant snow, to torrential downpours, to, finally, the blooming of cherry blossoms. The vibrant colors and beautiful scenes will be sure to stave off the winter blues.

The exhibit is available now on the O’Neill Library and Burns Library touch tables.

Header image: Eizan Kikukawa, Three Fashionable Beauties Cooling Off in the Evening, woodblock print, ink and color on paper, circa 1814-1817.  Box 2, Folder 9, Japanese Prints Collection, MS.2013.043, John J.Burns Library, Boston College.