Triennial Jesuit Catalog Project

Beginning in Summer 2022, the DS team will be collaborating with IAJS and the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu in Rome on a new project focused on the Jesuit Triennial Catalogs, catalogs published every three years by provincial superiors detailing the lives of the Jesuit men in their province. This project will develop a new application with a front-end display and well-defined back-end data entry dashboard for the data transcribed from the catalogs, featuring stable webpages for each man whose information is entered into the data entry setup, with a unique identifier given to that Jesuit, containing fields reflecting those within the Triennial Catalogs. Ultimately, this project will enable searching and display of the catalog records by field as well as a series of mapping and data visualizations. A link to the project will be provided upon its completion.