We’re Hiring: General Information

I am excited to see the applications coming in for the Digital Scholarship Group positions. I have put the following information together to help applicants, and those thinking about applying. Having been there many times myself, I know the laborious and nerve-racking nature of job seeking. Please know we are working on our end to consider your application with care and that we are doing our best to move swiftly. Thank you for your patience!

The Team We’re Building

Who are We?

  • We are a group of digital scholarship and data-minded professionals who pride ourselves on being librarians and facilitating DS/data-oriented research and curriculum.
  • We aim to be both responsive and proactive in developing DS and Data services.
  • We focus on the greater good of the BC community and the community beyond.

We are looking for librarians who are…

  • Able to hit the ground running by immediately applying their technical skills and methodological knowledge.
  • Have a balance of hard technical skills and soft skills that enable them to be highly collaborative and communicative.
  • Creative, flexible, and interested in learning new skills.
  • Kind and compassionate.

Over the next few years, we seek to…

  • Refine and refresh our current DS and data services by incorporating the ideas and skills of the new team.
  • Better institutionalize DS and data services and solidify the Libraries’ reputation as being the hub of DS on BC’s campus.
  • Work more closely with academic departments to develop programmatic undergraduate DS and data learning opportunities.
  • Support the DH Program Librarian’s endeavor to further institutionalize the DH Graduate Certificate program and initiate new DH programs.
  • Develop closer working relationships with the Center for Digital Innovation and Learning Research Services (among other research units on campus).


  • Are these positions brand new? No, but they have been reshaped a bit based on what we have learned over the past few years. 
  • What is BC’s work-at-home policy? Currently, we get one day a week to work from home.
  • When does the position start? The start date is flexible.
  • Is there financial support for professional development and conferences? Yes.