Podcasting Room

The Digital Studio, located on the 2nd floor of O’Neill Library, boasts a sound recording room, Macs fitted with media editing applications to serve a variety of video and audio production needs, and now, the new podcasting room.

New recording station in the faculty preview room. The recording software used in this example is Audacity.

The new space includes two Audio Technica AT2005USB microphones as well as two pairs of Audio Technica ATH-M20x headphones, which can be used in conjunction with GarageBand, available on Macs, and Audacity, a well-known and widely-used open-source recording software.

Audio Technica USB Microphone connecting directly to the headset for easy and clear playback.

In addition to the recording equipment, the room has been outfitted with six acoustic panels to prevent echoes and unwanted sounds.

A total of 6 acoustic panels make for a more crisp recording experience, while also allowing for a more private setting for meetings.

Read more for additional equipment information or to book time in the space.