This GitBook has guides for using tools related to digital exhibits and storytelling, data visualization, textual analysis, and more.

The software available on the computers in the Digital Studio has extensive documentation written both by BC students and by the companies that developed the technology.

DS Handbook

Boston College Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Handbook provides information about DS concepts and methods and digital pedagogy.

GitHub Repository

The Digital Scholarship Group’s project files, including open-source code, can be found in this repository.


These BC Libraries LibGuides provide overviews of data collection, management, and visualization; digital scholarship; open access publishing; and copyright.

Multimedia Production Guide

Boston College Libraries’ Multimedia Production Guide provides information and guidance about media production, meaning creating audio and visual materials such as podcasts, videos, and graphics.

Tools List

The majority of this non-exhaustive list of tools features tools that are free, cloud-based, and commonly used for digital scholarship projects.