• A Quick and Critical Dive into AI

    A Quick and Critical Dive into AI

    In this video, Dave Thomas provides critical and thought-provoking AI insights.

  • Hiring: Data Services Librarian

    Hiring: Data Services Librarian

    Boston College Libraries are seeking a Data Services Librarian to join our Digital Scholarship Group (DSG). As a member of the DSG, the Data Services Librarian collaborates on designing and driving initiatives, providing current services, and is a valued voice in DSG strategic planning. This position is highly collaborative within the DSG, across the Libraries,…

  • It’s a Bird! It’s a Project! It’s a Bird Project!

    It’s a Bird! It’s a Project! It’s a Bird Project!

    You may have observed some seemingly odd experiments if you’ve walked past the Digital Studio this semester. What are all those flashing lights, and are those… birds? In reality, what you’re witnessing is an important contribution to undergraduate pedagogy here at BC. Hands-on time with specimens is a critical component of any Biology curriculum, especially…

  • Catholic Almanacs Project Getting Off The Ground

    Catholic Almanacs Project Getting Off The Ground

    One unexpectedly rich source about the history of Catholicism in the United States is a series of Catholic almanacs containing extensive data about US dioceses throughout the nineteenth century. Today, the almanacs are housed at Boston College Libraries, and some are digitized and made available by Villanova, HathiTrust, and the Internet Archive. Now, as part…

  • Good Design is Everything

    Good Design is Everything

    The most lasting and impactful digital projects are those that find organizational, aesthetic, and technical harmony. Some consider a digital project’s user interface and organizational design less important than the design of its underpinning technology, such as a database. However, good digital project managers understand that interface and organizational design are at the heart of…

  • Love Data Week

    Love Data Week

    During Love Data Week this February, we showed off our love for all things data. An international celebration that’s taken place since 2016 on the week of Valentine’s Day, Love Data Week aims to celebrate data in all forms, foster a community around data users and enthusiasts, and promote good practices around the sharing, management,…