The Digital Studio (DS) in the O’Neill Library is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our patrons in the Boston College community while still providing access to specialized software and other resources. To this end, the DS is implementing several new guidelines in accordance with the Covid-19 policies set forth by the University and its Libraries. 

  • In accordance with current health and social distancing policies, masks will be required at all times within the DS and the maximum capacity will be limited to 14 persons, which includes staff.
  • In order to ensure access to workspaces and specialized software while the number of accessible computers is restricted, the DS will be implementing a voluntary reservation system. A reservation will ensure that users have access to a computer with the necessary software, along with any help they might need from the Digital Scholarship Librarians. Users without an appointment will still be welcome to use the space as long as the maximum capacity of the room has not been reached. Make an appointment here!
  • Printing is available within the DS. The pathway to accessing the printers is clearly marked. In order to avoid printing lines within the DS, those wishing to print may be asked to briefly wait outside the space until the current patron has finished printing.     
  • While the DS will only be staffed from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, the space will remain open for use during the hours in which O’Neill is open. During these unstaffed hours, those using the space will be expected to maintain social distancing and cleaning procedures that are posted within the studio.
  • Users will be expected to clean their computer and/or workspace before and after use. Cleaning supplies are clearly marked within the DS, and cleaning directions will be available at each workstation
  • No food will be allowed within the studio; drinks are allowed but must have lids.


The Digital Studio endeavors to facilitate the discovery and use of digital methods and tools for members of the BC community. To that end, our space is designed to cultivate experimentation, collaboration, and inclusion. We aim to provide adaptable support through every stage of the process and to inspire our patrons to explore digital opportunities in a way that builds an inquisitive, ethical, and innovative community of digital citizens.

Reserve A Space

To use specific multimedia equipment or for group work, please reserve a space using the following links: Computer, Podcasting Room, Sound Room, or Conference Table.


The Digital Studio hours follow those of the O’Neill Library and may be adjusted during holidays and breaks.