Digital Studio / FAQ

Can I install an application on a Digital Studio computer?

  • Maybe. ITS credentials are required to install new plugins, scripts, and applications on public computers. If you would like ITS to install an app on a Digital Studio computer, contact us for approval and then complete the ITS “Get Tech” form which will prompt ITS to vet, approve, and install the application (learn more). If you are interested in using an app on your personal computer, please visit the BC Apps page where you will find a list of available applications and setup instructions.

Does the Digital Studio loan equipment?

  • We don’t. You can, however, borrow a variety of equipment from the O’Neill Library’s circulation desk (3rd floor) including laptops, microphones, adapters, chargers, and more (see list).

Can the Digital Studio help me with my computer problems?

Do I need a reservation to use a computer?

  • Nope. You are welcome to come in and use one that is available.

Can I reserve a computer?

  • Yes! Just email us and let us know which one or which application you want to reserve.

Do I need a reservation to use the Podcasting Room or Sound Room?

  • Yes. If the room is available when you get to the Studio, you are welcome to use it. We just ask you to make a reservation at that time.

Can the Digital Studio help me digitize a VHS and/or burn a DVD?

  • Sorry, we do not have the necessary equipment and offer that service.