Boston College Digital Scholarship

Boston College Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Group facilitates data-driven research, digital project creation, and digital scholarship instruction and pedagogy. We see ourselves as teachers, consultants, and collaborators who aim to cultivate and support the community of digital scholarship practices at Boston College.



Apple’s Reality Composer, a Free AR App

In collaboration with the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning (CDIL), Digital Scholarship and the BC Libraries have begun exploring the use of AR experiences … Read MoreApple’s Reality Composer, a Free AR App

Digital Accessibility

What is Digital Accessibility? Being able to access the web means having access to the modern economy, crucial social spaces, and, of course, vast information. … Read MoreDigital Accessibility

Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities

The Digital Scholarship team is partnering with the English and History departments to offer graduate students a Certificate in the Digital Humanities. Courses will be … Read MoreGraduate Certificate in Digital Humanities