Category: Informative & Educational

  • Data in the Humanities

    Data in the Humanities

    In this summer video series, members of the Digital Scholarship Group talk about what data is and what it looks like in the humanities.

  • A Quick Introduction to GIS

    A Quick Introduction to GIS

    As part of our summer video series, Lester Carver explains what GIS is and how it is used.

  • A Quick and Critical Dive into AI

    A Quick and Critical Dive into AI

    This summer, we are creating a series of informative videos to help people understand aspects of DS, DH, and technology more broadly. In this video, Dave Thomas provides critical and thought-provoking insights into AI.

  • Good Design is Everything

    Good Design is Everything

    The most lasting and impactful digital projects are those that find organizational, aesthetic, and technical harmony. Some consider a digital project’s user interface and organizational design less important than the design of its underpinning technology, such as a database. However, good digital project managers understand that interface and organizational design are at the heart of…