Will you be at the 2017 Digital Humanities conference in Montréal? So will we!

Sarah Melton will be presenting a poster on the ARL Digital Scholarship Institute along with colleagues from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Indiana, the University of Rochester, and the University of California San Diego. The poster will detail the Institute’s background and curriculum, as well as an assessment of the program and the proposed next steps.

Anna Kijas, Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian, will be presenting about the Burns Antiphoner, a digital scholarship project developed at Boston College as part of a panel, “High-resolution musicology: Capturing and encoding source detail for medieval music.”

View of manuscript and data
Burns Antiphoner Project

In her presentation, she will discuss the development, workflow, and future directions for this project, which features over 1500 textual and musical incipits, as well as liturgical data from the manuscript in a searchable database. This interactive project enables users to view high-resolution images side-by-side with incipits and data, conduct searches on the data and notation, and learn about the liturgical and musical practices associated with the antiphoner and Franciscan order.

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Header image: T.E.A. Photography, “Submerged Montreal.” CC-BY-NC-ND.