Beginner Guide to ABBYY FineReader Sprint

This tutorial was written by Digital Studio Student Assistant, Emma Grimm. Learn more about Emma and our other student assistants here.

ABBYY FineReader Sprint is a tool that turns any hard copy paper into an online type text which can be edited on the computer. With the program, you can correct images, reformat your document, or even edit typed text. In this tutorial, I will walk you through ABBYY FineReader and its tools to so that you can scan and edit your own document.

Part One: Getting Started

Placing Document on the Scanner



Open the scanner and place the document face down. Align the document into the bottom right corner of the scanner, which is indicated by the arrow. Lift up slightly to close the screen on the scanner.

Start a New Task



Once you open ABBYY FineReader in applications, a new task will appear on your screen. If you are scanning the document, choose the EPSON DS-1630 (or another scanner) as your source. If the document is already available on your computer, select that device as your source. Next, select the language of and the conversion format of your document. You can choose to convert your document to a PDF file, a Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, or an HTML Document as shown below.

Importing Your Document



By selecting your conversion format, a scanning preview of your document will appear. On the right hand side (depicted below), you can adjust the importation of the document with multiple settings, such as Mode, Color Depth, Resolution, and Scan Area. You can also chose to scan multiple pages without pause or with a determined amount of seconds in between. Once all of your adjustments have been made, click Scan in the bottom right corner.



Finish Import and Save the Document


Upon finishing the scan, you should press Finish Import in the bottom right corner. After, the computer will prompt you to save the document to the computer.



Adding More Pages


If you want to add more pages to your document, click the drop down bar in the top left corner labeled, Add Pages. You can choose to either scan another document or import another document from your computer. Follow the directions listed in Step 2 and 3 to scan and import the additional document. You can switch the order of the documents, at any point, by clicking and dragging them on the left hand side.

Part Two: Editing the Document


Editing Images on the Document


In the top right corner you will find the Image Editor, which adapts the appearance of the document and the images on the page. The following tools are offered to assist in editing the image.

      • Deskew helps do remedy images of distortion when scanning a thick book or processing digital photos of text.
      • Photo correction straightens blurred text, removes motion blur, and reduce ISO noise.
      • Rotate and flip the image, text, or page
      • Split the page into multiple pages
      • Crop the image, page, or text
      • Adjust the Image Resolution
      • Invert Colors in the photos or text
      • Adjust the brightness and contrast in an image
      • Erase any mistakes on the document



Formatting the Document



On the left hand side, there is a toolbar that allows you to edit the layout and format of your document. You can use the tools to select paragraphs of text or individual images and move them to different areas of the document. In addition, you can erase whole areas of text or images that you wish to remove.