As part of the effort to expand resources for 3D and immersive technologies on campus, the Digital Studio has added equipment for the creation of three-dimensional digital models of real world objects. These objects can then be used in projects involving gaming engines, AR, VR or 3D printing.

Interested in a 3D modeling project but don’t know where to start? Check out the resources at the bottom of this page, or contact our Digital Scholarship Librarian for Projects, Matt Naglak (

3D model of a hominid skull created for a BC biology course

For more models, check out the Digital Scholarship 3D Collection on Sketchfab. Have something you want to contribute to the collection? Contact us at

3D Modeling Station

The 3D modeling and scanning station within the Digital Studio is available by reservation during times when the Studio is staffed (9 am – 5 pm, M-F). It offers a space and appropriate equipment to ease the process of taking photos for the creation of a 3D model (photogrammetry) or for taking high-quality photos of objects in general. Members of the BC community are welcome to use the Studio’s equipment (see below) or use their own camera or phone for the process.

Portable 3D Modeling Station

Equipment available for use within the Studio:

  • Lightbox to keep shadows to a minimum
  • Manual turntable with markers approximately every 10 degrees
  • Camera tripod
  • DSLR camera for taking photos
  • iPad Pro for taking laser scans
  • Risers for small objects
Turntable marked to aid in the photo taking process; object on acrylic riser

Agisoft Metashape

In order to aid in the processing of 3D models which use photos, the Digital Studio has made the user-friendly Agisoft Metashape available on one of its computers (#18). As 3D models may take some time to process (~1 hour for 100 photos, more depending on the desired resolution) we recommend reserving this computer in advance. Check here for reservation details and here for an introductory tutorial on Agisoft Metashape.

More Resources

Digital Scholarship is developing a multitude of tutorials and other resources to help with the creation and use of 3D technologies, including the creation of 3D models. Check back for more resources or contact the Digital Scholarship group at with any questions.