Digital Scholarship and the BC Libraries are dedicated to expanding the use of 3D and immersive technologies on the BC campus for the purposes of creating accessible immersive, interactive, multimodal, and engaging experiences in research and in the classroom.

In collaboration with the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning (CDIL), Information Technology Services (ITS), and the newly created Schiller Institute MakerSpaces, we are excited to explore the use of these technologies in a wide swath of disciplines in the humanities and sciences. Here you can find more information about our 3D modeling station within the Digital Studio, useful for making digital models of real-world objects, as well as a portfolio of example projects and models and links to further resources. With the technology becoming more user friendly than ever, we invite you to consider how you might be able to integrate this technology into your own research or teaching.

3D model of “Hail Flutie” statue outside BC Alumni Stadium

Interested in a 3D project but don’t know where to start? Contact us at!