HDR Enhancement using Premiere Pro

This tutorial was written by Digital Studio Student Assistant, Alben Chingo. Learn more about Alben and our other student assistants here. Prepping the Footage While holding down the Alt-key, select the footage and drag it up to duplicate it onto the tab above that (V3). Select the duplicated footage. With the duplicated footage selected, go to the […]

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Open Access Week 2018
Eric Fischer, See Something or Say Something: Boston. Used under a CC-BY license.

Happy International Open Access Week 2018! Established by SPARC and partners in the student community in 2008, International Open Access Week is an opportunity to take action in making openness the default for research—to raise the visibility of scholarship, accelerate research, and turn breakthroughs into better lives. Open Access Week 2018 runs October 22–28, 2018. […]

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Spring 2019 Incubator
Brown smiling egg in cup

In the spring of 2019, the Boston College Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Group will host a Digital Scholarship Incubator, a seven-week series that aims to introduce major tools, methodologies, and questions in digital scholarship, while also empowering participants to develop a digital scholarship or pedagogy project. We’ll focus on participants’ needs and desired areas of growth […]

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October 2018 Data Visualization Display @ O’Neill Library
Screenshot of Global Map of Wind project

During Open Access October, the O’Neill Library digital display (by the POP collection) will showcase a selection of data visualizations that use open data about weather, climate, the environment, and of course, baseball! Each source is linked to the original site where you can further explore the associated data, visualization, or literature. Climate Ready Boston Map […]

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Music Notation with Finale

This tutorial was written by Digital Studio Student Assistant, Nick Sucre. Learn more about Nick and our other student assistants here. Finale is a very effective and intuitive way to notate music digitally. This program is very user friendly yet has a huge array of tools and options that fulfill almost every demand necessary for music […]

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OpenCon 2018 Boston
OpenCon 2018 Boston Logo

Boston College and Boston University Libraries are pleased to announce OpenCon 2018 Boston. This year’s event will feature a screening of Paywall: The Business of Scholarship. We are excited to welcome the film’s producer and director Jason Schmitt for a panel discussion. Additionally, we are currently seeking proposals for the following: • 20 – 25 […]

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Fall 2018 Digital Humanities Reading Group Schedule
A circular circuit board

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the Fall 2018 Digital Humanities Reading Group. If you’re following along at home, we’ve set up a hypothes.is group for annotations.   September 11 & 12: Digital Humanities in the Popular Press Allington, Daniel, Sarah Brouillette, and David Golumbia. “Neoliberal Tools (and Archives): A Political History of […]

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September 2018 Data Visualization Display @ O’Neill Library
Map depicting ICE facilities across the United States

During the month of September, the O’Neill Library digital display (by the POP collection) will showcase a selection of data visualizations created by students, scholars, librarians, and developers working around the world. These visualizations demonstrate how data analysis and visualization is used across disciplines and fields. Each source is linked to the original site where […]

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Music Encoding Conference Keynote
screenshot for google search on the term "music composers"

Last week (May 22-25, 2018) I attended the Music Encoding Conference at the University of Maryland, College Park and gave the closing keynote on May 24. In my keynote, “What does the data tell us?: Representation, Canon, and Music Encoding,” I explored issues embedded in musicological traditions of canonicity and discussed the need for recovery […]

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May 2018 O’Neill Library Displays
Boston College students on the beach

Finals are here at Boston College, which means that summer is right around the corner. This month, we’re featuring images of graduation and summer fun, including: Photographs from Boston College commencement Postcards from the John J. Burns Library Images of the campus in the summer Good luck with finals, and congratulations to those graduating!  

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