Featured Digital Humanities Certificate Projects

The following are projects created by students in the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities Program. (See more projects)

The Donkey Driver’s Map

The Donkey Driver’s Map is a proof-of-concept project with everything a donkey driver working in the Mamluk Levant might need. It is most useful for intra-city travel: it maps the locations of Mamluk equids, reflects the administrative geography of the region, and provides the locations of inns (khans). For the Mamluk donkey drivers who once roamed the Levant, transporting and connecting people, goods, and information, this map is comprehensive. 

The East India Company Trade (EIC) Visualization

The East India Company Trade (EIC) visualization highlights the flow of different commodities across Asia by the EIC. It also showcases the changes in trading patterns as EIC becomes a colonial force in South Asia. ​ By interacting with the visualization, one can understand the changes in trading patterns of the East India Company over the 200-year period. (Access the data on Github.)

Ælfric Online

Ælfric Online seeks to continue Ælfric’s mission of making doctrine and scripture accessible to a wider audience. The last complete translation of these homilies was Benjamin Thorpe’s in 1844 (first seriessecond series), and the language throughout is often contorted. Other Old English scholars have translated parts or all of certain homilies (notably Eleanor Parker’s blog A Clerk of Oxford), but the full collection is not available in a modern translation. While the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library is in the process of translating both series of texts, and the work is sure to be excellent, the price tag may be a barrier. Ælfric Online, then, aims to fill this gap. (The link to the project will be provided soon.)