Sound Room Guide

The Sound Room has audio recording equipment and video equipment for one to two person audio recording and single person video presentations. For larger group recordings, use the Podcasting Room.

Video Recording

The Sound Room computer has a Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam and Logitech Capture software for recording presentations. LED lights are also available in the space and a black, gray, or white background can be requested via email:

Audio Recording

1.) Review Getting Started and the Equipment Details below.
2.) See  “Using the USB Mics” to learn how to set up the mic. Select Audio Technica 2005USB when choosing the mic.
3.) See “Audio Recording & Editing with Audacity” in the Media Production Guide to learn how to use Audacity.

Equipment Details

The Sound Room audio equipment is the Audio Technica 2005USB mic and Audacity or GarageBand as the recording platform on the computer. (Recording and editing instructions in the Media Production Guide are for Audacity.)