Our Mission

The Digital Scholarship Group fosters innovation in research and teaching by facilitating DS practices at Boston College. As we strive to meet this mission, we do so with a commitment to accessibility, equity, and transparency. We aim to:

Embody the Boston College Mission
We are invested in projects that include pedagogically-rich student involvement or that transcend individual semesters and the boundaries of the institution. In this way, we align ourselves with the Boston College mission which strives, through a rigorous intellectual and teaching tradition, to prepare students to be citizens and leaders in a global society.

Counter Issues of Inequality and Injustice
We are committed to advancing the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in digital scholarship by developing projects that focus on historically marginalized peoples and by being mindful of the digital divide, digital redlining, accessibility for the disabled, and racial and gender biases inherent in technology.

Foster Experimentation and Exploration
We encourage and support the BC community’s experimentation with DS methods and tools. We are also committed to exploring and documenting new tools and methods with you as we don’t limit our efforts to a specific set of technologies but instead strive to meet changing campus needs.

Promote Open Source Tools and Scholarship
We support the use of open source tools and the creation of open access scholarship. Equally, we strive to be transparent about our processes.