Podcasting Room Audio Equipment

The Podcasting Room has audio recording equipment that can be used for podcast and voiceover recording. The space must be reserved prior to its use and has a six-person room capacity.

How to Use the Space

1.) Review Equipment Details below
2.) Depending on which type of mic you choose to use, see “Using Procaster Mics” or “Using USB Mics”
3.) See “Audio Recording & Editing with Audacity”

Equipment Details

The recording and playback equipment includes Procaster dynamic mics which work with the Mackie Mixer, a Blue Yeti condenser mic, which is an alternative to the Procasters, right and left speakers for playing back recordings, and the Scarlett Solo, which connects the speakers to the computer and is where the speaker volume is controlled. You can also plug your headphones into it to hear playback. There is the option of using Audacity or GarageBand as the recording platform on the computer. All instructions provided in “Using the Digital Studio” are for Audacity.


a. Procaster mics are higher quality dynamic mics that are controlled through the mixer
b. Scarlett Solo connects the speakers to the computer and controls speaker volume
c. Power strip with on/off switch for speakers
d. Mackie Mixer controls the Procaster mics and connects them to the computer
e. Blue mic and optional USB powered condenser mic